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A Glimpse into the Labyrinth of Relationships ~ C.G.Jung ~The Red Book Reflections | August 16, 2010

At times relationships can feel like a nightmarish war zone. Whether the bond is romantic or sexual does not matter. Nor is it of any significance whether the partner is of the same or opposite sex. What matters is whether the “other” got under your skin. You know it when you feel it. An attraction, an affinity, a blissful roller coaster which can quickly break down all the coping strategies of a carefully created and nurtured persona. At times it may feel like madness knocking. That is not what we had in mind when we opened ourselves to another! Needs and emotions we never thought we had are gushing out of us. We may then find ourselves at a crossroads, though initially the choice of way is hardly in our control.

One thing that might happen is that all our defenses kick in and we regain what feels like ground under our feet. The inner whirlwind of affect is warded off ~ at the cost of our soul’s longing for a true connection to the inner other. The notion that there is an inner other, imaged and personified as a being of the opposite sex is at the core of Jungian thought. At first the ego knows nothing about this dynamic. But psyche needs to become conscious of herself. This evolutionary push towards consciousness is archetypal, it simply is. If we resist it, we will be dragged along, kicking and screaming and raging at the world. If we accept this archetypal urge towards consciousness, we can learn to breathe through the ride, as bumpy as it may be. Jung expresses this notion of the inner other in the Red Book (RB) as follows: “You, man,  should not seek the feminine in women, but seek and recognize it in yourself….you, woman, should not seek the masculine in men but assume the masculine in yourself”.Psyche is bisexual. This is entirely unrelated to our sexual identifications. How do we then learn about the other within us? We unconsciously put (project) our unknown self onto another person. What we experience when these dynamics are enacted is a strong emotional reaction to another person. We might be irritated, repulsed, ticked off, but mostly, for better or worse, we might fall in love.We cannot help it because, as Jung says, “You are a slave of what you need in your soul”.

Let us consider the other direction at our crossroads. No doubt the less comfortable one, as the soul’s way always is.  Welcome to our brave soul’s battle in her adventure of connecting to spirit. Because ultimately it is through the contrasexual archetype that the world beyond ego, the transpersonal, spiritual dimension opens up to us. “The part that you take over from the devil – joy -leads you into adventure”. How might one read this statement in the context of relationships? I opt to offer the following: to not resist the pull of your emotions, to make room for your love and hate and all the shades in between them, without allowing the emotional storms to take over. Not to be overtaken is often the hardest part and may require practice and support. Most important, however, is to never lose sight that while our attention is entirely hooked on the other person, we are always exploring and learning about ourselves. We are always reaching for and touching on an aspect of ourselves in the other.

Jung allows us a glimpse into the awkward and raw experience of his soul’s journey towards his feminine side. Writing from a man’s perspective in general and his own very private, subjective one in particular, Jung notes: “It is bitter for the most masculine man to accept his femininity, since it appears ridiculous to him, powerless and tawdry”. A woman’s experience will be different, but in most cases she will also struggle with her acceptance of the masculine within herself. This is when love can turn into hate. Because “he” is so dominant, so controlling, so violent, so insensitive etc. “He” may be all of that but these qualities may lie dormant in the woman’s psyche, unbeknown to her, but usually experienced by others. “The feminine in man is bound up with evil…..the masculine in the woman is bound up with evil”. Not an easy statement to swallow, “Therefore people hate to accept their own other”, Jung continues. The darkness of what we experience as evil feels too much to own and therefore needs to be projected on the one we are close. Remember a time when the one you loved turned into a monstrosity? I do.

“But if you accept it….that when you become the one who is mocked the white bird of your soul comes flying. It was far away but your humiliation attracted it” Jung writes. Only then can we claim to be a complete person. Only then can we venture into relationship. On one hand a relationship into the amoral world of the archetypal cosmic psyche and the other hand into a fully fleshed out relationship with another person. Only then may we be able to see and love the person for who they are.

Oh yes, said Eve to the serpent, lead me into temptation. For I want to know.


  1. And love
    And love
    And love

    Cupids arrow is not a gift
    To be found under the tree
    wrapped in shiny tinsel
    and pretty smiles

    Erotic presents are not free
    No one is exempt from sorrow
    Always, always, always
    There is a price

    But who of us can resist
    That unexpected look
    eyes meeting across the room
    Falling into each other’s soul

    Love has no limits
    It’s not on sale
    When that arrow hits your heart
    You are dead and life begins.

    Dec 2009


    Comment by Yamabuki — August 16, 2010 @ 9:56 am

  2. You have some absolutely fantastic posts here, Heidi! ❤

    Comment by Don E. — August 16, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

  3. Am reminded of Satre’s comment, l’enfer, c’est les autres (“Hell is other people”).

    And then there is Guggenbuhl-Craig (Marriage: Dead or Alive) who suggest that marriage isn’t at all about personal happiness, but a way to individuation through the daily grind of interaction with the other….

    Thought provoking essay, thanks..

    Comment by Stephen Parker — August 19, 2010 @ 11:53 am

  4. A most satisfying article, as the Jungian archetypes sweep through our psyches like flocks of swallows to their nests. I often meet my own while on shamanic journeys, and am sure Jung would recognize these experiences. Your blog is quite thought-provoking, so please keep up the great work.

    Comment by Bob — September 16, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

  5. Heide, great piece. Not sure why I didn’t “catch” your blog earlier. I’m discovering so much of this on my own,intuitively. And with some help–like from this blog. Thank-you for helping me navigate my way! 🙂

    Comment by Goddess Aphrodite — November 10, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

  6. Great article Heidi! Nice to find you on WordPress! May I reblog?

    Comment by margaretmikkelborg — May 15, 2014 @ 6:08 pm

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